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Toby the Cheerful Hound - Rainbow Bridge

Toby the Cheerful Hound - Rainbow Bridge

Toby Red Gingham Bow Tie

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to share that our dog Toby, the inspiration behind Cheerful Hound, passed away Saturday, March 12th, 2022.  

He had been battling heart disease, but on Friday he started going into Forward Heart Failure and on Saturday let us know it was his time. We are shattered, but are so grateful that he entered our lives 7 years ago. We are grateful for the wonderful year we spent with him loving on him after his diagnosis.

A rescue success story, Toby inspired all things Cheerful Hound. He has been by my side throughout every step of the business. We started it in late 2018 out of a desire to spread happiness to dogs and their owners through our bright and cheerful designs, carefully crafted for your best friend. It is our hope that our designs help your dog to “Be the Talk of the Dog Park”, and brighten your day and the day of everyone who sees your dog.

He tested all of our designs, snoozed away next to me when I was working and packing orders, modeled for us regularly, joined me on live videos, and went on car rides to ship packages to customers. Our logo was designed from a photograph of Toby - it’s his wave and smiling face that you see on our packaging. If you’ve ever ordered from us, you’ll know we’ve always included a hand-written note, signed by “Amanda and Toby”. He was always next to me when I was packaging orders, and as our Chief Dog and mascot, it was only fitting to write his name too.

Toby touched a lot of lives, through all of the places he went and people he got to know, as well as those he touched through his role in Cheerful Hound. In April 2022 he would have been 10 years old. We had hoped to celebrate this milestone, but instead of a birthday, we’ll be celebrating Toby, his amazing zest for life, his love of good fashion, and the special bond that all of us share with our dogs.

Please stay tuned for more details in April about Cheerful Hound's celebration of Toby. You can join our Insider’s Club to stay in the loop. 

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Toby stole a piece of our hearts, but we're blessed that he helped inspire Cheerful Hound and touched so many people. Hug your fur babies.

-Amanda, founder Cheerful Hound ❤️ 


Toby Rolling on Blanket

Toby Cheerful Hound Close Up

RIP Toby the Cheerful Hound

Toby Cheerful Hound Spring Collection

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