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Summertime Safety Tips For Your Dog

Summertime Safety Tips For Your Dog

We all love sunny summer days and spending time outdoors, but too much time in high temperatures and humidity can be dangerous for your dog. As temperatures sizzle, follow out tips to help keep your dog safe and comfortable this summer.

 1 - Beat the Heat!

Walk & exercise your dog during the cooler parts of the day. Mornings and after dusk are typically when it's coolest, but many times midday breaks are unavoidable. Try to keep midday breaks short and to prevent overheating try to limit exercise on hot days.


2 - Drink Up!

Be sure to provide plenty of cool, clean drinking water for your dog throughout the day. When out on a walk, be sure to bring water for both you and your dog.


3 - Avoid Hot Asphalt & Concrete 

Dog's sensitive pad pads can quickly burn and dog's bodies can overheat from being close to the ground. Opt for grass and shady areas whenever you can.


4 - Find the Shade

Pick a shaded route for walks and make sure that your dog has adequate shade in your yard. Not only will it help protect you from the sun, but typically it's a lot cooler than out in the sun. Please keep in mind, that as the sun moves, the shade moves with it and adjust to make sure your dog is protected.


5 - Never Leave Your Dog Unattended in a Vehicle (Even if the windows are cracked!)

Heat can rapidly increase in the vehicle and cause fatal heat stroke. Per the ASPCA, on an 85 degree day, in just 10 minutes your car can reach 105 degrees! In 30 minutes, it can reach 120 degrees. Even on a 70 degree day, you car may be 90 degrees or higher.


6 - Know the Symptoms of Overheating

Common signs that your dog may be overheating include excessive panting, increased heart rate and respiratory rate, drooling, and lethargy. If your dog is showing signs of overheating, get them to a cool place quickly.


7 - Don't Leave Dogs Unsupervised Around Pools or Bodies of Water

Not all dogs are small swimmers and you want to make sure that they avoid potentially dangerous situations. When they are out especially on open bodies of water, make sure they wear a floatation device to help them stay afloat. Rinse your dog off after swimming to remove and debris such as salt, dirt, and chlorine. Keep your dog from drinking the water while they are swimming as this can also be very dangerous.


8 - It's Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Season!

Take the proper precautions to protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and heartworm. We highly recommend speaking to your vet for a recommendation that will work well for your dog.


9 - Be Extra Careful with Yard Care Products

Follow the safety instructions when using pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizer. Keep pets away from treated areas per the manufacturer's recommended time period. Also take extra precautions to keep these products out of reach from pets.


10 - Have Fun Keeping Cool!

Dogs do not sweat, so it's harder for them to cool down. Some fun ideas include filling a wading pool with some water so they can splash around in it, or running the sprinkler so that your dog can run through it. If your dog is not into playing in water, another great option is ice cubes - they are a zero-calorie snack with a nice crunch that will help them to cool off. Another great option is freezing their favorite treat in ice cubes using an ice tray. Not only will it help them cool down, but they'll get a tasty treat at the end!


We hope these tips will help you to keep your dog safe and cool this summer. 


Cheerfully Yours,

Amanda & Toby, The Cheerful Hound

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