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Fireworks Safety Tips for Dogs!

Fireworks Safety Tips for Dogs!

Fireworks Safety Tips for Dogs

Did You Know? More dogs get lost around the 4th of July than any other time of year because of fireworks!

Fireworks can be fun for humans, but for dogs, fireworks can be extremely scary and stressful! Dogs have very acute hearing - the sudden, unexpected loud sounds of fireworks can startle your dog and make them try to get away from the threat! Help your dog to stay home and safe during fireworks displays by following these tips.

  1. Keep your dog at home indoors during the fireworks for their own safety. Give them a safe place to retreat, whether it be a kennel or a quiet room.
  2. Close windows and curtains to keep them from seeing fireworks and limiting noise.
  3. Take your dog for a walk and potty break before dusk so they won't need to go outdoors during fireworks displays.
  4. Make sure your dog has a properly fitting collar and ID tag, as well as an up to date microchip. Check and make sure your dog’s microchip has your current contact information.
  5. Play calming music for your dog during the fireworks.
  6. Top off their water bowl - anxious dogs get thirsty.
  7. If you're home with your dog, be a supportive, calming presence if the fireworks scare them.
  8. Stay calm yourself - if you do leave the house, keep it calm and casual when you leave, don't make a big fuss as it can stress your dog.

We hope these tips help keep your dog home and safe during fireworks!

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