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Dog Enrichment Game -

Dog Enrichment Game - "Find It" - Treat Treasure Hunt for Dogs

Looking for a fun game for dogs who love to use their nose? The "Find It" Treat Treasure Hunt is a game that is easy to set-up and will allow your dog to try scent work to sniff out their favorite treats.

The Game:

Treats are hidden in a room at different levels for your dog to find. Your dog will have to use their nose to sniff out the treats. 

What You'll Need:

  • Small High Value Treats That Have a Strong Scent (We love Zukes Mini Naturals Training Treats - Salmon Recipe, but some similar training treats would work well!)
  • A dog-friendly room or space to hide the treats

How to Play

Step 1: Pick a dog-friendly room to play the game and secure your dog outside the room so that you can hide the treats.

(Multiple dogs? Play the game one-dog-at-a-time. To avoid food guarding, give each dog their own turn at the game individually and secure the other dogs in another area.)

Step 2: Hide 10-12 treats throughout the selected room. Hide the treats at different heights in the room that your dog can reach, (floor height, nose height, or on a couch cushion). If your dog is new to this game, hide some treats that are fairly easy to find and then others in slightly more challenging areas such as behind things such as a table leg or in an open box or container.

Step 3: Bring your dog to the room and tell him/her to "Find It!". Show your dog to their first treat and then continue encouraging them and cheering them on to find the others, saying "Find it. Find the treat!"

Step 4: Lower level treats are usually easier to find, but if your dog is struggling to find other treats at different heights or areas, be sure to help give them some extra hints and guidance to find them. 

Need more of a challenge? Try hiding treats in a different dog-friendly room for a new challenge. (If you usually use your living room, try hiding treats in the office or your garage!) 



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